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How Jackpot Winners Buy a House


With reveries about winning the lottery fresh on Americans’ minds in the wake of the Mega Millions drawing last week, many might wonder how lucky winners spend all that cash. “My Lottery Dream Home” offers such a sneak peek, as host David Bromstad helps clients with winning tickets choose a new house.

Yet in today’s high-priced real estate market where the median home price nationwide hovers at $450,000, even winning millions does not mean these homebuyers get everything they want.

Case in point? In the Season 12 episode “Million Dollar Angel,” Bromstad meets Christine, a single mother of two who won $2 million on a scratch card. Now, Christine wants to spend around $550,000 of that on a new house in Plymouth, MA.

Bromstad shows this mom three very different houses, each with its own unique pros and cons. Find out which one she picks, and why, which might open your eyes to what really matters in any property you buy.

The bigger the kitchen island, the better

The first house has a large kitchen but a small island.


The first house Bromstad and Christine tour is a three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home listed at $499,000. The home is grand with a big kitchen, but Bromstad mentions that one kitchen feature may need work.

“It’s a cute, little island. You can make it bigger if you want,” he says.

Making an island bigger is a great idea as it would expand counter and cabinet space without needing to renovate the whole kitchen.

A big backyard expands your living space

large yard
This large yard provides lots of space for kids to run around.


Bromstad brags that this home is on almost a half-acre, giving the property an extra large backyard. When he shows Christine the outside, they find the space equipped with a jungle gym and a covered sitting area, still leaving lots of empty green space.

“I have been to Massachusetts at least 30 times, and I’ve never seen a backyard this big,” David says when they see the yard. “If you’re not going to buy this house, I’m going to buy this house!”

Their excitement is a good reminder of how valuable a large yard can be. It could be a playground, a cooking and dining space, and even a spot to relax and gather as a family.


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Fancy hardware and finishes make a big difference

bathroom sink
Fancy hardware makes a great impression.


The next house Bromstad shows Christine is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home listed at $450,000. The house is smaller than the first, but it has finishes that are more updated.

“The house is a little bit more pulled together. The finishes are just a little bit more elevated, which is nice,” Bromstad says when they walk in the door.

One place in particular that Christine notices the finishes is in the bathroom. While the first home was a little dated, this second property feels newer, with a simple, modern faucet and a matching mirror.

“More fancy for sure,” Christine says.

An open concept makes a small home feel spacious

open concept
The third home has a beautiful open concept.


The final house is a three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom condo. This home is the smallest of the three and it has no yard, but it’s new. In fact, the community is still being built.

One advantage to a new home is it often has an open layout and great sightlines, making it easy to keep an eye on the little ones.

“We don’t have a separate dining room like we did with Cedar Shore,” Bromstad says, referencing the first house. “But we do have it all open. And it’s big, and you can put a really nice, long table there.”

Cabinets with glass doors and lights brighten up a kitchen

cabinet lights
These cabinet lights make the kitchen feel extra elegant.


One of the best parts of this third house is the new design and beautiful touches. Among Christine’s favorite features are the lights inside two of the kitchen cabinets, showing off the glass doors, decor, and kitchenware inside.

“Everything is so new and fresh,” Christine says.

So which house is the winner?

In the end, Christine chooses house No. 1, with the big kitchen and the even bigger backyard. Bromstad isn’t surprised.

“I knew it,” he says when he hears the news. “It just had that really great family environment.”

Four weeks later, Christine and her family are thrilled to be settled in their new home.

“We love the house so much,” she says. “Everything about it is perfect for my family.”


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