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‘My Lottery Dream Home’ Takes Homebuying in a Whole New Direction


The hit HGTV show “My Lottery Dream Home” has returned for Season 12—only host David Bromstad is now helping homebuyers beyond the usual lottery winners. His latest clients have much more somber reasons for their home search.

In the Season 12 episode “Heartfelt Inspiration,” Bromstad meets with Sandra and Michael, a couple looking for a home in Burleson, TX, which is just outside Fort Worth. The couple have two sons, but they tragically lost their 10-year-old daughter in a car accident three years ago. Now, they’re trying to move forward by using their settlement money to buy a new house.

“I am inspired by Sandra and Mike’s strength,” Bromstad says. “Knowing they have to care for the rest of their children, they’re trying their best to forge ahead.”

The couple want to spend between $600,000 and $750,000 to find a home that will help their family start fresh while also honoring their daughter’s memory. Read on to find out which home the couple pick, and why—with plenty of lessons you can apply to your own life, whether you’re house hunting or just looking for ideas to improve the home you have.

Little things can make a big difference

updated kitchen
This home has updated appliances, hardware, and plumbing fixtures.


The first house Sandra and Michael tour with Bromstad is a gorgeous five-bedroom, three-bathroom on almost 2 acres of land for sale for $725,000. It’s massive, but the couple are most impressed by the small details. They notice the new oven and the updated faucet in the kitchen, which has a hose attachment to make doing dishes easier.

“All these are fancy little things that we don’t have that I would love,” Michael says, admiring the sink.

Something as simple as a new faucet can impress buyers.


It’s a good reminder for all homebuyers to pay attention to the little things that they’ll use every day—such as the appliances, door handles, and faucets. And even if a home doesn’t have everything you want, these small upgrades are easy and inexpensive to add later.

Use colors to distinguish spaces

living room
The blue fireplace in the living room complements the green cabinets in the kitchen.


Bromstad is proud to show his clients the connected living room/dining room/kitchen in this first house.

“Living room is great, we have a fireplace, we have tons of space here,” he says.

While buyers love wide-open spaces, this home is cleverly finished with different colors that distinguish the spaces but also complement one another. The kitchen cabinets are green, while the fireplace is painted a beautiful blue. It’s a great pairing that makes this home seem spacious but cohesive.

Make the entryway memorable

This home had a long, skinny entry.


The second home they see is a four-bedroom, 4.5-bath home listed at $700,000. The entryway makes quite an impression with a heavy iron front door, high ceiling, and big chandelier.

“This is an entry,” Michael says. “Love the chandelier.”

This chandelier makes a big first impression.


The take-home lesson here? The entry is a chance to set the ambiance you want from the instant you walk in the front door.

Double vanities are a big plus for couples

huge bathroom
This bathroom is a great size.


Sandra and Michael are impressed by this home’s massive living room and kitchen, but it’s the main bathroom that really amazes them. The space is huge with an extra-large shower, a tub that Sandra calls a “dream bathtub,” and his-and-her vanities on either side of the room.

“Not only two sinks but two separate vanities,” Michael notices.

“This will be the key for us staying together,” Sandra jokes.

Sandra and Michael love these separate vanities.


The right backsplash tile can make a kitchen shine kitchen

Sandra is impressed by the tile in this kitchen.
The third house Bromstand shows Sandra and Michael is new construction with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s the cheapest of the three, priced at $695,000. The home is lovely with features that stand out to Sandra.

In the kitchen, she notices the unique backsplash.

“I love the tile,” she says. “I’ve never seen tile like that.”

backsplash tile
A unique backsplash tile can be a big selling point for a buyer.


Which house do they choose?

After seeing all three homes, Sandra and Michael decide the second is their top choice.

“We knew from the minute we walked in,” Sandra says, referring to the show-stopping entry.

By the end of the episode, they’re settled in their new house and loving the space. This couple and their children have been through tough times, but Bromstad is impressed by their determination to move forward in a new home.

“To me, they are an inspiration to everyone out there who is struggling with grief,” he says.


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