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‘My Lottery Dream House’ Proves Even Lotto Winners Love a Cheap House


On “My Lottery Dream Home,” host David Bromstad helps lotto winners buy a better house—and since these prizes come in all sizes, the properties they shop for aren’t necessarily pricey.

This is definitely the case in the Season 12 episode “Quick Cash on Cedar Rapids,” where Bromstad meets with Kati and Chauncey, parents of four and recent winners of $100,000. That’s just enough for them to upgrade to a bigger house, which they desperately need.

“I was 8 months pregnant, and all I could think about is yes, we can move,” Kati tells Bromstad.

This $100,000 in winnings means this family can afford a home worth $160,000 to $180,000. While that might not seem like much, they can get a lot for their money where they’re shopping in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Bromstad shows them three very different houses within their price range. Read on to find out which home these buyers pick, and why—with plenty of lessons on what truly matters when choosing a property of your own.

Big bathrooms mean everyone can get ready at once

big bathroom
This bathroom is just big enough for four kids.


Bromstad shows Kati and Chauncey a $174,900 home with four bedrooms and just two bathrooms. Bromstad points out that the second bathroom, which would be used by the kids, is definitely roomy.

“The bathroom is bigger than our bathroom,” Chauncey says when he first sees the space.

Kati agrees, saying all that space is “perfect for the kids.”

A secluded main suite means parents can have privacy

The main suite is far away from the other bedrooms.


While Kati and Chauncy are impressed by the large bathroom upstairs, they’re extra impressed with this home’s main suite in the basement. It features an en suite bathroom and an attached laundry room. Plus, Bromstad points out, it’s separated from the rest of the house.

It’s “your own little private oasis down here,” he says.

When Kati sees the space, she agrees.

“Oh, this is secluded,” she says. “This is nice.”

A large living room offers space for the whole family to gather

living room
David Bromstad’s clients are impressed by house No. 2’s big living room.


The second home Bromstad shows them is cheaper, listed for just $165,000, which excites Chauncey and Kati. This four-bedroom has only 1.5 bathrooms, but there’s a huge living room perfect for a big family.

“It’s bigger, right?” Bromstad says when they sit down in the space.

“Yes, I feel like my kids can sit over there and I can sit over there and they won’t be on top of me,” Kati says, pointing to the two ends of the couch.

A kitchen with plenty of prep space is a huge plus

Kati was impressed by the third home’s kitchen.


The third home, another four-bed/two-bath, is the most expensive, at $184,500. This house is beautiful, and Kati is most impressed by the kitchen.

“This is super, super cute,” she says. “And it’s not even tight. I could definitely see a couple of people in here cooking on Christmas.”

While a large living room is nice for a large family, a large kitchen can be even more important, since it means there’s room for plenty of helping hands.

Don’t forget to size up the backyard

This backyard has room for a pool, a garden, and more!


Outside the third house, Kati and Chauncey are once again impressed by the amount of space. This house has a big backyard, and Kati loves the potential.

“We can make a garden. I can see a hammock, a pool,” she says.

“Oh, yeah, all of it,” Bromstad agrees.

It’s a great reminder that homebuyers shouldn’t just be looking at the interior. The yard is part of the living space, too.

Which home is the winner?

After seeing the three houses, Kati and Chauncey choose the second home—the cheapest of the three options that nonetheless offers plenty of space and value for their money. It’s proof that even lotto winners can stand to watch their homebuying budgets today.


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