$1 Fries at McDonald's through 2023

If you haven't begun Christmas shopping, you're behind. Halloween hasn't yet here. Half of this year's winter buyers have either begun shopping or intend to before October 31,

which is just five days. Those reevaluating their buying plans may need to watch their finances for the next two months, given the high pricing of Thanksgiving basics like turkey and desserts.

Ramsey Solutions advocates purchasing generic, meal planning, and preparing lunch at home to save money, but you may still dine out if you like fast food.

fter installing the app, make a Mobile Order & Pay transaction of at least $1 before taxes to get complimentary fries.

The discount may be used on any lunch or dinner item, including the McRib sandwich, which returns on October 31. (via Brand Eating). With a medium order of fries costing $2.79 on average,

the bargain could save $30 over the remaining 11 Fridays in 2022.
We all know that appetites for McDonald's fries aren't confined to Fridays, nor is the urge to save money.

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