6 Bad Hygiene Habits That Are Way Worse Than You Thought

Irregular Brushing:
Untreated cavities may progress to root canals and gum disease, a painless condition that causes teeth to fall out.



Going To Bed With Your Makeup On :Makeup carries germs that may move beneath eyelids and cause styes, irritated lash follicles, and skin infections.

Sharing your  razors:
Sharing razors may spread staph, hepatitis, and HIV. Hairbrush sharing may cause lice and rashes.


Reusing a Water Bottle Without using it: Chemicals from filthy plastic bottles may cause PCOS, endometriosis 


Leaving in tampons too long:
Fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, and headaches begin.


Never washing your hair :
Your hair follicles may get infected when germs accumulate and block them


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