6 Yogurt Brands To Stay Away From Right Now

Yoplait Greek yoghurt has a lot of protein, but it's all fake.

Chobani is recognised for its Greek yoghurt, but not all of its products offer the same advantages, such as active bacteria and high protein.

Without straining, a serving of yoghurt has just 7 grammes of protein, which is about half as much as you'd get in genuine Greek yoghurt.

Although the coconut in Coyo Coconut Yogurt and other flavours may seem healthful, consuming too much of it might have negative health effects.

Dannon's yoghurts often include more than 2 tablespoons of added sugar per serving.

Possibly nullifying the positive effects of the yoghurt itself, the Vanilla M&M Yogurt has 15 grammes of added sugar.

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