A Lions player is taken to the sidelines by ambulance

On Sunday afternoon, Saivion Smith, a defensive back for the Detroit Lions, had to be evacuated from the field in an ambulance.

Defensive back Smith, a 24-year-old member of the Lions, seemed to pass out on the field during the opening period of Sunday's contest with the New England Patriots.

"In Foxboro, Saivion Smith needed to be carried from the field in an ambulance. What transpired on the replay is not quite apparent.

It didn't seem like a brain injury, but it's difficult to say "Reporting by Charles Robinson.

On Sunday afternoon, Smith's parents allegedly traveled with him in the ambulance.The situation in New England is alarming.

Right now, our thoughts are with Smith and his friends and family.I'm hoping the injury isn't as severe as it appeared to be on the field.

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