Alexander Pisarev, an MMA champion, perished after "eating poisoned watermelon."

Alexander Pisarev, a famous MMA fighter from Russia, tragically died at the age of 33 after allegedly eating a watermelon that was tainted with poison.

Prior to his death, Pisarev had a 3-2 record in professional mixed martial arts. His father discovered him dead in his Moscow residence on October 30.

According to an unidentified member of the featherweight's Tomahawk squad, Alexander Pisarev passed away in his sleep and had no ongoing medical conditions.

According to a number of media publications, including Pravda, Pisarev died after eating a watermelon with his wife, who is said to have been hospitalized, but they reportedly consumed other foods.

The fighter's father, Igor Vladimirovich, found him lifeless when he got back to his apartment from walking the family dog.

According to Vladimirovich, "I looked into the room - Alexander and his wife were sleeping." ' As I drew nearer, I noticed that my son was not breathing anymore.

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