Aliens' secrets might crash the global economy.

If extraterrestrial secrets were to be made public, it would have a catastrophic effect on the global economy.

Stephen Bassett, a lobbyist in Washington, DC, is certain that the United States government has extraterrestrial technology but is hiding it out of concern for the economy.

Since "flying saucers" don't need the fossil fuels that power the economy, Bassett says the proof would confirm the reality of extraterrestrials and have a profound effect on global financial systems.

According to the leader of the Paradigm Research Group: "They use a whole new energy system. Definitely an antigravity-based technology that is much more intricate and in-depth.

The White House no longer has control over some programmes, which are instead operating in a "secret mode" very, very far underground.

As the leader of the country put it, "people will start to worry when this is eventually admitted."

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