Ambulance takes away Lions player

On Sunday afternoon, defensive back Saivion Smith of the Detroit Lions needed to be transported off the field in an ambulance due to an injury.

During the first quarter of the game that the Lions were playing against the New England Patriots on Sunday, Smith, a 24-year-old defensive back for the Lions, looked to pass out on the field.

It is not quite clear what transpired at this point.
"In Foxboro, it was necessary to remove Saivion Smith off the playing field using an ambulance

On the replay, the events that have place are not entirely evident. It did not seem to be a brain injury; nonetheless, it is difficult to determine for sure "It has been reported by Charles Robinson.

On Sunday afternoon, it was reported that Smith's parents were joined by his grandparents in the ambulance.

The current scenario in New England is really concerning.
At this time, Smith and all of his friends and family members are in our thoughts and prayers.

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