American actor Tom Cruise reportedly worries about reprisals from a former employee.

It can be risky for celebrities to hire more security guards because there's always a chance that they'll leak private information to the media, 

as happened when a former member of Tom Cruise's Church of Scientology detail revealed to the Daily Mail that Tom and fellow Scientologist John Travolta had a sour rivalry. 

The Sun claims that Tom, however, has made the decision to hire additional security while shooting "Mission: Impossible 8" as a result of the actions of a previous site scout.

The nameless employee was let go and eventually sued Tom and Paramount, the studio that produced the film. 

Additionally, they allegedly made the unfounded assertion that the FBI is looking into the financing of the film. 

An insider stated that since he was worried about what the enraged ex-employee would do, director Christopher McQuarrie had also recruited more protection.

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