American Airlines offers a passenger compensation for being 'wedged' between 'obese' people.

Sydney Watson tweeted about her American Airlines flight's seats last week. Watson was "wedged" between two overweight people. Why was recompense given?

She said "obese" individuals were "too fat to fly." She said she was "sweated on" and "touched without her permission"

It's not acceptable. Sure, let obese people be fat. But it's another thing when I'm locked between you and your arm rolls for 3 hours, she said.

American Airlines reacted to one of her tweets with "Our guests come in all shapes and sizes." Sorry your flight was unpleasant.

Unsatisfied, she continued ranting. The airline told Watson it offered "a choice of seat sizes and designs"

Now, it seems she's been offered "repatriations" Lad Bible says Watson uploaded an airline letter offering her a $150 credit.

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