An NBA player wants to join the Lakers.

Lakers and Pacers never consummated a trade to move Myles Turner to L.A. Turner feels the Lakers should reopen the subject.

Adrian Wojnarowski questioned Turner whether he would finalise a speculated deal for him and Buddy Hield. The 26-year-old stated he can assist the struggling club after accepting draught capital.

Turner remarked, "If I'm the Lakers, I look at this very closely." "I know what I can offer a team: leadership, shot-blocking, 3-point shooting, and playmaking."

he's "paid to photograph," not make front-office choices.
Turner averaged 12.7 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks in Indiana. 

In 2020-21, he led the NBA with 3.4 rejections per game.
Turner has played three of eight games this season after a foot injury halted 2021-22.

Lakers' defence is second-best in the NBA, so they need Hield or another perimeter shooter more than Turner.

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