Angry at NASCAR when a driver sustains a concussion, Denny Hamlin

On Thursday night, Hamlin sent a Tweet condemning NASCAR for not taking responsibility for driver injuries, the league's risky vehicles, and how it handled the Bowman incident.

It's sad that our sanctioning organization won't take any blame for accidents involving injured drivers.

It's what THEY stated as well. AWE KNEW BETTER. It's awful that the system keeps taking advantage of these drivers, Hamlin wrote in a Tweet.

Hamlin's remarks came shortly after fellow driver Kevin Harvick similarly criticized NASCAR for their dangerous vehicles,

 saying that Hamlin was "pleading that the car was [too] rigid" when NASCAR unveiled the new model to racers.

It's unclear if NASCAR will respond to Harvick or Hamlin's accusations in any meaningful way. However, it is obvious that the two famous drivers are not content and aren't shy about expressing it.

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