Baker Mayfield's Postgame Behavior Concerns Football World

Soon after the Carolina Panthers stunned the Atlanta Falcons, backup quarterback Baker Mayfield did an unusual celebration.

It wasn't long before Mayfield was head-butting his teammates as they left the field. This wouldn't normally be an issue, 

except that Mayfield wasn't wearing a helmet while the rest of his squad was.
Legendary voice of the game Mayfield's jubilation had Al Michaels perplexed and worried.

Michaels noted at the time that it was a "good way to end up in concussion protocol even if you don't get in the game."

One supporter speculated that Baker intentionally got himself into the concussion protocol so that he could sit out the remainder of the season.

"Because of this, it's no surprise that he consistently misses his mark. three at a time are all he can see, "Another supporter cracked a joke.

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