Blood clot warning: Avoid four beverages that might "harden" arteries.

Diet affects health greatly. Foods may cause weight gain or high cholesterol. What we drink matters too.

Those that don't disintegrate spontaneously are harmful, yet they're vital to stop bleeding.
They're dangerous if they reach the heart or lungs.

"Sugar raises low-density lipoprotein cholesterol ('bad') and oxidative stress and inflammation, which creates oxLDL, which may increase atherosclerosis risk.

He advocated limiting the following beverages to reduce blood clot risk:
sodasPoor fruit juices (added sugar, no pulp)Power drinks.The Cleveland Clinic says sugar raises harmful cholesterol.

Sugary diets cause your liver to produce more "bad" cholesterol "LDL cholesterol.
"Sugar reduces "good" HDL cholesterol."

"bad" LDL cholesterol narrows arteries, which may cause heart attacks and strokes.
New evidence reveals it may cause venous thromboembolism.

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