Boeing Dreamlifter jet loses 100kg wheel

A 100kg aircraft wheel dropped off a 180-tonne freight aeroplane as it took off in Italy on Tuesday.

The world's longest freight plane, the Boeing Dreamlifter, lost a wheel as it took off from Tarento, Brazil.
The site tweeted, "Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter loses wheel and tyre after takeoff."

Atlas Air's trip to Charleston, South Carolina, was on 11 October. Atlas Air N718BA.As the plane takes off and soars over the runway, the landing gear wheel drops and smoke shoots out.

18 Dreamlifter wheels are 4 feet in diameter.
No one was hurt during the event, which occurred near Taranto-Grottaglie Airport.

The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter was retrofitted in the early 2000s to transport 787 Dreamliner components between continents.
Boeing stated the aircraft landed safely on October 11.

Atlas Air Dreamlifter freight aeroplane landed safely at Charleston International Airport after losing a landing gear wheel on takeoff from Italy's Taranto-Grottaglie Airport.

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