Burger King changes fan-favorite sandwich

Burger King is known for its willingness to try new things, such as its many different kinds of Whoppers, its low-calorie Satisfries, its ambitious Chicken Fries, and even its Mac N' Cheetos.

The restaurant is now offering a new take on the traditional Italian Chicken Sandwich. On November 14th, BK will introduce the new $5.49 Italian Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich

 According to The Street, Burger King now offers a toasted potato bread topped with a crispy white chicken breast fillet,

marinara sauce, and two pieces of mozzarella cheese for its Italian BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

The company announced plans to spend $250 million on a "Royal Reset," which would entail remodelling locations and upgrading both technology and kitchen appliances. 

An additional $150 million will be used as part of a marketing plan called "Fuel the Flame." The app has been updated to facilitate easier orders and provide more customised offers to diners.

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