Cat Has Cutest Way of Letting Mom Know Cardboard Box Is 'His'

Worley "Birdie" the tabby cat's latest interest, cardboard boxes, has his TikTok admirers in a frenzy.

Jenn, Birdie's mom, shared the greatest video on @seeminglyabsurd, and everyone loves him and his box. We needed them!

Adorable chirps! Birdie persuaded us to let him keep the box in seconds—no surprise his mom did too! However, he seemed to be having fun.

"Awww birdie the cutest meows on TikTok," tweeted @beautyus10, and we agree.

He's popular—no surprise! It's the sweetest thing we've ever seen a cat speak.

Fostering one cat, particularly an abandoned and mistreated one, is hard work.

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