China's Out-of-Control Rocket to Crash Nov. 4

At 10:21 p.m., a 21-metric-ton core stage will re-enter Earth's atmosphere. November 4, 16 hours EDT. This is the fourth time a fragment from China's Long March 5B rocket has

harmed human lives and property. The rocket launched from Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan on October 31 to deliver the Mengtian module to China's Tiangong space station. 

Most rocket stages are brought down with restarted engines, enabling them to be guided away from populous regions, but not the Long March 5B. 

This leaves it essentially up to chance where it could fall.
So we must predict where the core step is. As before, Aerospace Corporation's

CORDS is following the object and sending updates. The company's first projection is 10:21 p.m. ET November 4 (November 5 at 2:21 a.m). Aerospace Corp. projections using U.S. data. Space Force's SSN.

Where the debris will settle is unknown. The "debris footprint" will narrow with time, but if past instances are any indicator, we won't know until minutes before re-entry. 

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