Colorado witnesses report seeing a silver "orb"

Many explanations explain why UFO sightings have increased. The extraterrestrial invasion is getting closer. People are more prepared to confess they've seen UFOs

now that the government has released its own proof and opened investigations. Third, we all carry phones with cameras in our pockets.

It's simpler today to shoot and share things on social media.
"UFO" signifies "unidentified flying object."

Not necessarily an extraterrestrial origin. It may be a bird, a jet, or a satellite if you don't know.
In this video, a silver circle floats over Colorado. 

The key term here is "floating." This "UFO" looks to be a wayward balloon, as is often the case. It never speeds up, slows down, or changes direction in a strong wind.

It lacks the "five observable features" of recognised UFO occurrences, such as physics-defying airborne mobility, trans-medium velocity, and other odd behaviours.

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