Crocodile Kills Child Before Horrified Parents

The youngster, aged eight, was swimming in shallow water in a river near his house in Costa Rica when he was attacked by a crocodile

The boy was taken beneath and mauled to death in front of his terrified parents. In Limón, in the eastern part of Costa Rica, 

a man named Julio Otero Fernández was murdered by a crocodile while knee-deep in the Matina River.

Rain has made it harder for rescue workers to continue looking for the boy's corpse, and he hasn't been located yet.

The saddest thing for my wife was witnessing the crocodile swim with my son's corpse," Don Julio told the Mail Online.

"I can't remain because it's terrifying to think that anything like this may happen again, and the authorities protecting the animals could just as easily leave the river and attack other humans.

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