Dale Jr. Earnhardt expands his empire in the inevitable way

The personnel changes Dale Earnhardt Jr. made last week, including appointing his sister as the CEO of all his business ventures, appear not to have been a step toward preparing for future growth.

This is so because the expansion has already begun. Unfortunately, contrary to long-running rumors and to the dismay of the NASCAR Hall of Famer's racing supporters, 

this isn't about bringing JR Motorsports into the Cup Series. However, it's about improving in a field where Earnhardt is already successful.

In order to broaden its selection, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Dirty Mo Media, which already creates well-liked racing podcasts, has a deal with Cadence13, according to Axios.com.

The agreement would broaden the Dirty Mo services to include other sports outside NASCAR and is said to be worth seven figures monetarily. 

In order to build on the popularity of the Lost Speedways program Earnhardt featured on Peacock, the business will also create new video material for both television and YouTube.

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