DeAndre Hopkins seeks answers from NFL after headbutt goes unpunished.

DeAndre Hopkins was injured in Sunday's Vikings-Cardinals game.
After the NFL didn't penalise him, he wants answers.

Kyler Murray's end zone throw struck the Arizona receiver. Murray slant-passed to Hopkins for a two-point convert in the third quarter. Hopkins dropped the pass with Cameron Dantzler defending

Harrison Smith collided with Hopkins' helmet after the ball came, sending his head to the side.
Hopkins demanded for an explanation from the NFL after the game

Hopkins didn't seem injured and stayed in the game. In his second game back after a six-game PED ban, he caught 12 passes for 159 yards and a score.
Minnesota beat his Cardinals 34-28.

The absence of a third-quarter penalty may have swung a one-possession game. A flag would have allowed the Cardinals to try another 2-point field goal from the 1-yard line.

Minnesota won by six points while they trailed by five.
The NFL wants to ban hits like Smith's because of their health risks. Hopkins's request is reasonable. Now he awaits NFL action.

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