Deshaun Watson was caught speeding at around 100 mph.

A short time after being traded to the Cleveland Browns in the summer, Deshaun Watson added yet another off-field problem to his extensive list of them.

On June 11, Watson was given a ticket for speeding while operating a vehicle in Sandusky, Ohio. Watson's Mercedes G-Wagon was stopped by the Ohio State Highway Patrol,

according to body camera video that TMZ was able to obtain from the agency. When a police officer questioned him about his speed, he answered truthfully.

In response, the policeman said that Watson was in possession of a 97 mph speeding ticket. According to court documents, Watson paid a $185 fine, and the case was resolved on July 6.

Although all signs point to Watson and the police interacting amicably, the Browns were undoubtedly not pleased to learn that Watson was driving so quickly. 

Currently serving an 11-game suspension is Watson. He has defended his innocence and provided one justification for his decision to reach a deal with the NFL.

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