Does In-N-Out sell'monkey-style' burgers?

Los Angeles boasts 27 Michelin-starred restaurants, but the late chef Anthony Bourdain's first stop was In-N-Out. Bourdain told Eater that McDonald's was his "favourite restaurant in Los Angeles.

He's not alone in thinking that. In-N-Out is a West Coast cult favourite. It's a must-stop on I-5. In-N-Out also popularised the "hidden menu" notion 

 Animal-style fries topped with cheese, thousand island dressing, and grilled onions are the most popular item. Some have talked about another hidden menu item, the monkey-style burger.

The monkey-style burger isn't official In-N-Out fare. It's possible. A food blogger shared a video of himself ordering a "monkey-style" burger, which is a conventional burger 

 topped with animal-style fries, over a decade ago (via Thrillist). This video sparked a rush of people requesting In-N-Out personnel to prepare their meal monkey-style.

According to the Los Angeles Times, In-N-Out Vice President Carl Van Fleet said "there is no such thing" as a monkey-style burger and that the firm "cannot" create them. 

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