DoorDash driver alleges KFC staff feigned to shut early, causing discussion.

A DoorDash driver said KFC employees hid in the back office an hour before closing. Libertarian Brannon (@1.09.2022) posted the video on TikTok to vent about staff who weren't respecting her time. 

KFC employees hid after seeing me drive up, says the video's narration. The TikToker says they backed up so they

could see the staff hiding in the office, prompting one to suggest the restaurant was closed.

The TikToker said KFC personnel lied they had no DoorDash orders and needed to see the order to start cooking. "Quit if you hate your work. Don't squander others' time, the video's narrator urges.

TikTok users said restaurant personnel shouldn't lock doors when open.
One TikToker remarked, "Bro, this occurs so frequently when I doordash. Thanks for sharing."

But closing time implies various things to staff and consumers, and several workers defended the action, saying it was typical.

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