During Elon Musk's takeover, Amber Heard's Twitter account vanishes.

After Elon Musk, her ex-boyfriend, made headlines for buying the social networking site, Amber Heard's Twitter account was shut down.

The billionaire tried to back out of the arrangement in July, which led Twitter to sue him, and the deal to have the Tesla CEO take over the firm finally finalized last week. 

On Tuesday, it was discovered that Heard's account had been abruptly disabled as Twitter users prepared for anticipated changes.

According to a message from YouTuber Matthew Lewis, often known online as That Umbrella Guy, "Amber Heard has deleted her Twitter."

Lewis also uploaded a screenshot of Heard's profile showing that nobody could be found while searching for her Twitter username, @RealAmberHeard. 

Many Twitter users wondered whether Heard's account disappearance was related to Musk's takeover when Heard's account vanished, which sparked conjecture on the social media site.

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