Everybody's worst nightmare is this woman's "flight from hell"

Now. Our worst nightmare!!! Imagine being on an aircraft and suddenly feeling sick, cold chills, and nausea. Next is obvious. Panic and embarrassment crept in, please put a barf bag in my seat pocket.

TikTok video artist @comestayawhile boarded a flight feeling sick and recounted the ordeal, puking and all. More! This poor child endured more. See her scariest nightmare on video.

What? God bless her travelling pals. TikTok fans are compassionate and supportive. Hope she's not permanently scarred! @ollyrand tweets: "Nope! That's awful. Life occurs,

I appreciate you for sharing. Humans are only surviving."
@smart asana comments, "What? Apologies. I've pooped at the airport but not the aircraft. 

Wow. You recovered well. A+" We think her performance is Oscar-worthy. @cathy0050 reviews: "It's better than airsickness. Gratitudes!" Ahhh, life's tiny pleasures. 

We give her respect for sharing her horrific flight on TikTok. Putting oneself out there is often the only way to overcome a huge shame.

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