Fifa will give teams in Qatar that have World Cup 2022 players $200 million.

More than $200 million will be given by Fifa to clubs whose members compete in this winter's World Cup in Qatar.

On Tuesday, the sport's international governing body announced $209 million had been put aside and detailed specifics of its club benefits scheme.

In accordance with the plan, each player will get a stipend of $10,000 for each day they spend with their national team both during the World Cup itself 

The total sum a club may recover will depend on how many players they field and how far each of them advances in the competition.

A player may get a portion of the daily compensation from any club they have registered with in the two years prior to the World Cup.

The initiative helped 416 clubs from 63 different nations participate in the 2018 event.For the first time, clubs will be allowed to make claims online, according to Fifa.

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