First remarks made by Steve Nash following Nets' ejection

Just a few weeks into his second season, the Brooklyn Nets have opted to fire head coach Steve Nash.

 This decision was made on Tuesday afternoon. Following the news's first announcement, Nash made a moving message that was shared on social media.

I would want to extend my sincere gratitude to Sean Marks, Jose and Clara Tsai, and the Brooklyn Nets for the chance to serve as their head coach. 

I'm so grateful for the fantastic experience, even though there were many challenges.

Working every day with the athletes, performance team, and front office was a delight. I'm extremely appreciative of my coaching staff and video room, which are both professional and talented groups.

Finally, I'd like to thank Brooklyn and the dedicated supporters of this squad. Family first, and my family has settled in and adores being a part of this lovely neighborhood. 

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