Friday, a Chinese missile may land in the US.

WFLA-TV: A 23-ton piece of Chinese space debris is anticipated to crash to Earth on Friday, but when and where is uncertain. 

According to, the space trash originates from a Long March 5B rocket that reached Earth's orbit on Monday to deliver China's Tiangong space station's last module.

'Planet-killer' asteroid discovered, but don't worryWhile the core stage has been circling for days, atmospheric drag has gradually bringing the rocket body down.

Models and observations predict the rocket body will return Friday morning, although the timing varies.

The Aerospace Corporation, which supports national security space operations, predicts the rocket body will reenter the atmosphere on Friday about 7:20 a.m. EDT (+/- 3 hours).

NASA explains the sun's'smile' days before Halloween.The company noted, "it's too early to define a relevant debris footprint."

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