Hasbro Reveals Dicelings, New Toys That Transform From Dice to Dungeons & Dragons' Monsters

When attacking a red dragon or beholder, Dungeons & Dragons will soon be able to roll.

Hasbro revealed a new "Dicelings" toy line today, with the first figurines coming out in March 2023.

New Dicelings toys morph from huge twenty-sided dice to traditional Dungeons & Dragons monsters.

Four toys—a white owlbear, black dragon, red dragon, and beholder—will make up the initial wave.

Red Dragon packaging Diceling stated that the movie's red dragon is Themberchaud, a particularly chonky Underdark dragon.

 They also start a Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves retail blitz to make the film 2023's first huge smash.

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