His Favorite Newspaper Destroyed Trump.

After the GOP's midterm losses, the New York Post called Trump a "toxic" influence who "sabotaged" the party. 

The Post, which Trump called his "favourite newspaper," featured a front page picturing the former president as Humpty

Dumpty sitting on a wall with the caption "Trumpty Dumpty" after the GOP failed to see the promised "red wave" in the House.
The top page mocks Trump's inability to construct a border wall.

It blames his November 8 failure to fill the House and Senate with MAGA and election-denying candidates for the GOP's bad performance.

"Toxic Trump is the political equivalent of a can of Raid," Podhoretz wrote.
"Trump may be America's greatest vote-repellent, according to Tuesday's findings.

"Oliver Cromwell shouted, 'In the name of God, depart,'" concerning British politicians who overstayed their welcome and ruined the Kingdom. Podhoretz.

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