How many eggs a week for weight loss?

Although this study doesn't prove eggs are the answer to a healthy diet or leaner figure, experts believe consuming more of them will lead to a healthier body. We benefit.

Spanish researchers studied the diets and body compositions of 355 university students who ate eggs. The Clinical Nutrition research included 18- to 30-year-olds.

BMI was calculated using height, weight, and waist circumference.

Less than once a week, one to four times, and at least five times. According to the research, it doesn't matter whether you eat an omelette or a hard-boiled egg.

Egg eaters had a lower BMI and fat percentage than the other two groups. Their BMI was 22.5, compared to 23.5 in the groups that ate up to four eggs a week and less than one.

Those who ate the fewest eggs had a waist-to-height ratio of just under five, compared to 0.45 in the egg-eating group.

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