Hydrating foods

Apples have a lot of water in them, as anybody who has attempted to eat one in public and had juices run down their chin will attest. 

Cantaloupe Although not as high in water content as watermelon, cantaloupe is still a melon and hence a good source of hydration

For the simple reason that water makes up the vast majority of their composition (88% to be exact). They are a healthy option when added to a salad or dipped in a superfood dip like hummus.

If the thought of drinking water made from cucumbers sounds strange, keep in mind that cucumbers are made up of almost all water (96%) and are, in essence, cucumber water

While that's a lot of water, it's also important to note that one grapefruit has more than double the amount of vitamin C and many antioxidants that you need in a day.

Because of their high water content, strawberries are very juicy. In addition to being delicious, strawberries are a surprising source of vitamin C and antioxidants, so eat your fill while you can!

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