In the midst of several trade rumors, Russell Wilson sends the Broncos a message.

George Paton, general manager of the Denver Broncos, definitely didn't want to return to the spotlight so early in the season. 

Paton is assessing the advantages and disadvantages of keeping his club intact or trading away important members of the roster as the NFL trade deadline draws near.

Bradley Chubb, a rush linebacker for the Denver Broncos, and Jerry Jeudy, a wide receiver, have been the two players most frequently mentioned in the persistent NFL trade rumors thus far. 

If the Broncos lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday, dropping their record to 2-6, it might become much more likely that they will be released.

While hoarding draft capital becomes a general manager's main responsibility, there are risks involved.

Selling off young, important assets in what amounts to a "fire sale" leaves the door open to some serious doubt later on.

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