Iron Man's AIM Suit Is His Most Radical Upgrade Ever

AIM brainwashed Iron Man and gave him a suit that granted him instant access to one of Marvel's strongest creatures. Iron Man's AIM suit links him to Fin Fang Foom, 

who briefly becomes his sidekick in Marvel Action: Avengers #2. Iron Man and AIM both want to innovate, but the wicked scientists want to rule the globe with their deadly inventions and experiments

The villain MODOK controls Advanced Idea Mechanics, which has invented and amplified some of Marvel's most destructive weapons, including the Cosmic Cube and Super-Adaptoid

In Marvel Action: Avengers #2 and 3, by Matthew K. Manning, Jon Sommariva, Protobunker, and Christa Miesner, AIM kidnaps Iron Man and turns him into a weapon.

Iron Man's new armour defeats the Avengers because Earth's Mightiest Heroes require all their powers to defeat their brainwashed friend

Tony Stark uses his new suit to put Fin Fang Foom to sleep when AIM frees him, eliminating the threat as he rejoins the Avengers.

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