Is Shower Pee Bad?

Is shower peeing nasty or normal?Health topics—including pee—are never taboo.

However, everyday questions like how frequently to change your toothbrush and how much coffee you can safely consume aren't judged like urinating in the shower.

Urine is bodily waste. Your kidneys filter it into water, salt, electrolytes, and urea and uric acid.

According to New York internist Niket Sonpal, MD, urine includes microorganisms and is not sterile.
He believes there are beliefs that drinking pee may heal cancer or hair loss

"These statements lack scientific proof." Due to the quantity of germs in our bodies, a "healthy" urinary system cannot have zero bacteria, he explains.

Dr. Sonpal advises against sticking urine to your body after showering. "Lather and rinse to remove pee from your legs."

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