Itchy dog ears

Excessive ear-scratching isn't typical for dogs. Your dog's itching ears have several causes.
This is a frequent condition for puppies.

Dr. Jodi Lynn Smith is a veterinarian at Animal Care Unlimited in Columbus, Ohio. She sees itching ears on various types of animals every day of the year. 

A dog with itching ears may scratch more than normal and shake its head. When inspecting your dog's ears, you may find redness, swelling, increased ear discharge, bloody discharge, or lumps.

Dogs with itching ears may have bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections. Symptoms include discharge, odour, redness, edoema, and hair loss. 

Dermatitis may cause itching, among other symptoms. Hot areas might also trigger your dog's itching ears.
Itchy ears may be caused by allergies. 

Ear mites produce itching, redness, irritation, head shaking, odour, and a coffee-ground-like discharge. Adult dogs seldom get them. Your vet can diagnose and treat ear mites.

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