KFC Popcorn Chicken Slab Is Back for a Good Time

The Colonel's long-time secret menu item, the Popcorn Chicken Slab, is now on the general menu. KFC has brought back one of its most popular menu items, the Popcorn Chicken Slab, 

until October 31. Chicken Slab KFC Popcorn
Six dinner rolls stuffed with Popcorn Chicken, cheese, and BBQ sauce.
KFC outlets and the app.

The Popcorn Chicken Slab is six soft dinner rolls filled with Popcorn Chicken, cheese, and BBQ sauce. Yum! The slab is excellent for sharing with friends or snacking on alone.

"We're bringing back The Slab to KFC outlets nationwide. After debuting The Slab in 2020, fans demanded its return. We listened.

It's now available in all KFC Australia locations for fans to enjoy with friends or, if they're game, alone.
Like all good things, The Slab can't stay forever, so catch its encore tour soon.

The slab was initially tested at nine Ballarat stores and was offered on KFC's online ordering app under the 'New Products' section as a pseudo'secret menu' item

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