LaMelo Ball, Nick Young, and Kyle Kuzma Surprisingly Comment on Kyrie Irving Controversy

The Brooklyn Nets are still one of the most popular stories in the NBA, but for all the wrong reasons, three weeks into the season.

After all the turmoil surrounding parting ways with Steve Nash, Kyrie Irving fueled the flames by endorsing an anti-semitic movie and refused to retract his endorsement when he was called out on it.

Unsurprisingly, Irving has drawn criticism from a wide range of people, but especially from the media, which has aggressively criticized the star point guard.

As for Kevin Durant, he is in his own corner, where he has always been. In a matter of hours, he defended Kyrie Irving, exposed the media's fabrication of the events

"I'm not here to pass judgment on anyone or belittle their life, feelings, or opinions. Simply put, I didn't enjoy anything that occurred. 

I thought it was all superfluous. I believed that as a group, we might have simply continued playing basketball and been silent.

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