Kyle Larson Can't Be Stopped From Saying What Everyone Thinks

NASCAR is taking internal abuse. It's hardly like Georgia Tech beating Cumberland 222-0, but Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch are no longer lone wolves. Everyone's participating.

Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr., and Kyle Larson have criticised race officials in two weeks. NASCAR authorities fought back on Harvick's "crappy parts" rant, but they

mishandled the Denny Hamlin-William Byron incident at Texas Motor Speedway.
Larson was the last to comment, saying, "If NASCAR had done its job..."

We no longer spend one day reminiscing the previous race and five looking forward to the next. Larson is the only reigning series champion who can claim that

. NASCAR Cup Series fans need numerous days to get beyond each Sunday's event

There's too much to review, from Kevin Harvick's burning vehicle to Kyle Busch's exploding engines to William Byron playing bumper cars with Denny Hamlin.

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Two passenger planes collided at a busy airport.

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