Kyle Larson criticises Ross Chastain's NASCAR manoeuvre

Ross Chastain used a "video game" manoeuvre to get into the Championship Four on Sunday. Some criticised the move.

Chastain finished the race barely outside the playoffs. With nothing to lose, he rode the wall in turns 3 and 4 to overtake Denny Hamlin on the penultimate lap.

Many NASCAR fans stated they'd only seen the manoeuvre in a computer game. Kyle Larson, who won last year's NASCAR Cup Series, disagreed.

Larson told reporters, via NBC Sports, "It's embarrassing." "I'm ashamed by Darlington. Maybe if I hadn't done it last year, others wouldn't do it, therefore I'm humiliated and pleased I didn't win

Not simply pretty. Unattractive. Confusing.
"How is that not embarrassing?" If that's fair, why?"

Larson wasn't the only one upset by the decision. Joey Logano said the idea was fantastic, but he was afraid about what would happen after other drivers realise it works.

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