Kyle Larson Will Tell Joey Logano a 2011 NASCAR Secret

Joey Logano may win additional NASCAR Cup Series titles. The trophies are eternal, but the No. 22 Ford driver can only retain another precious item as long as he is champion.

Kyle Larson will pass on a decade-old champions' tradition to Logano during next month's awards dinner.

After winning his fifth of seven NASCAR Cup Series victories in 2010, Jimmie Johnson had a novel idea. Johnson journaled about the season. .

 A year later, Brad Keselowski won the championship, and Stewart gave him the notebook with a page of his own thoughts.

After winning 2018, Logano received the diary from Martin Truex Jr. Johnson gifting Truex the notebook on social media revealed the ritual to the public.
Kyle Larson is next. .

β€œIt's so amazing that you want to read it once when you receive it and one again before I give it to the next guy,” he added. β€œA really wonderful book.”

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