Brooklyn Nets have given Kyrie Irving a minimum five-game suspension following his anti-Semitic social media statements.

For failing to "unambiguously affirm he has no antisemitic sentiments, nor address particular offensive material in the film," the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday suspended star guard Kyrie Irving

for at least five games without pay (he shared on Twitter). He had the chance to clarify before, but he didn't take it, the team said in a statement.

Hours after Irving met with media representatives, the Nets issued a 207-word statement of strong disapproval, but they chose not to either apologize or admit that Irving held antisemitic sentiments.

The Nets noted that such conduct was damaging to the team and that failing to denounce antisemitism when given a clear opportunity to do

so was highly distressing and against our organization's values. We believe that he is currently unsuited to be linked with the Brooklyn Nets as a result.

We have determined that Kyrie will serve a suspension without pay until he completes a number of objective corrective actions that address the negative effects of his behavior

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