LeBron James is trashed by NBA fans

Fans on social media are making fun of LeBron James' 8-21 performance and 8 turnovers in a game sans Russell Westbrook.

The Los Angeles Lakers' disastrous start to the season only managed to become worse as they were defeated by the Denver Nuggets by a score of 110-99. 

Because Russell Westbrook was out for the Lakers, fans expected a greater showing from the team. But against a squad like Denver, they were not going to be the ones to give it.

LeBron James gave it his all. LeBron got off to a poor start in the first quarter, failing to even attempt a shot, but he picked up the pace for the rest of the contest. 

The eight turnovers committed by James, more in a single game than Westbrook has had all year, must be the worst aspect of this. This infuriated the fans, who yelled at James.

It's not surprising to see LeBron get criticism from the public given how Russ has been held responsible for defeats despite comparable performances.

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