LSU responds to Lane Kiffin after an unexpected victory over Ole Miss

On Saturday, Brian Kelly led LSU to its best victory of his tenure by thrashing Ole Miss at home.

The Tigers had the chance to settle an old score after outscoring the Rebels 28-0 in the second half of their 45-20 victory.

Kelly's dancing in a recruitment video had aroused the ire of Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin in January. LSU must have taken note of that since, following the game on Saturday,

 their Twitter account reposted Kiffin's tweet along with a picture of Kelly sporting a shirt honoring the dance. No rat poison was simply represented by three emojis in the post's caption.

This is the risk that comes with Kiffin's act. It's actually pretty hilarious when he backs it up. He practically begs to be drenched when things don't go his way.

You shouldn't anticipate Kiffin to change his methods any time soon because he has demonstrated the ability to accept defeat with humor.

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