Major Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day, from Experts

Yoga regulates mood. "Research shows a regular mindfulness practise may lower stress and help us feel calmer, more productive, and more even-keeled in our everyday lives."

Yoga strengthens the core. "Yoga is wonderful for developing core strength, which should be part of everyone's exercise." (Always useful!) Four easy plank exercises can transform your abs.)

Yoga strengthens the brain.Yoga "improves total blood flow to the body, including the brain," says Dr. Gail Saltz, associate professor of psychiatry 

Yoga improves mobility and flexibility."Daily yoga practise helps us to activate our muscles and move across broader joint ranges," explains Lawrence. This keeps us limber.

Daily yoga practise improves flexibility, strength, posture, and balance, says Pottery with a Purpose creator. Physically, you'll move your joints through most or all of their ranges of motion.

"Yoga challenges our bodies and joints in a range of postures and circumstances, or regulated transitions between shapes improve strength, control, and coordination

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