Man Films Hurricane Brings Shark to Neighbor's Yard Ian

Storms are terrifying. Sharks are unnecessary. Wednesday, September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian hit Cayo Costa, Florida. Massive destruction. Category 4 Hurricane

Ian had 150 mph winds and 940 millibars of core pressure. Dominic Cameratta sought to film the rising floods during the storm.

He captured a shark in his neighbor's backyard while doing so.

Dominic told [People] about the encounter. stated "I see something flopping about and say, "Oh my God," then zoom closer. Scary swimming. It swayed." Dominic feared a shark.

Elizabeth and Ella agreed with Dominic's judgement. They're not marine specialists, but they saw the thing. Ella, 15, was "terrified."

Family friends concurred. Dominic: "People were shocked. I saw a shark!" Dominic doesn't use social media, but a family friend uploaded the video on Twitter.

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